2012 7 passenger Prius?

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Just another illustration of what it might look like.

And it’s probably pretty close.
The Prius family is supposed to grow and include this larger version pictured here, a sporty coupe and a smaller compact hatchback.
At least that was the plan up to last year, when the Prius name and reputation were golden…

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  1. about time. My wife wants a minivan but I don't want the bad gas milage. I was wondering when this would happen.

  2. I like this design, and I think Toyota should produce it. The key thing is that the batteries need to be placed lower, so there are no cargo compromises. The rear seats need to fold completely flat. This looks better than the Prius hatchback. If it got an honest 40 mpg combined this would be a big hit.

  3. This is literally the only thing that could kill the (Grand) C-Max in the US….at least before Toyota's kicked out of the country.

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