2012 Cadillac ATS?

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This seems to match the spy picture I posted a few weeks ago about the upcoming small Cadillac.

The ATS will also come as a coupe and a convertible.
The perfect small Cadillac for the brand to re-enter he European market.
The RWD sedan will be about the size of 3 series BMW.

This is what we’ve seen before. Which is not really the same. But who knows, with all the camouflage on it.

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  1. the first picture is ugly. the other one is very nice. It doesn't seem the same to me, not at all. The first look more like a Malibu Maxx 2004, and it's very ugly.

  2. there is something about the top photo that makes me want to say it's a chop of the euro Civic hatchback. I'm not worried about Ed Welburn and his design crew-the ATS will be hot looking.

  3. I sure hope that the production version of that car does not look like the illustration on top. Cadillac's rep. is just too good right now to mess around with. I don't think Americans would actually fall in love with an ATS that looks like THAT, so how could GM expect for a car that looks like that to sell well in the EU?

    Hopefully Cadillac will actually make the real ATS look nice. They they did it again with the CTS, they did it again with the new SRX and they will certainly do it again with the ATS.

    I like how they have managed to build on the "Art and Science" design philosphy. They're moving forward with that philosphy and evovling with it as well as time progresses. And the more and more time goes on they keep coming out with new and nice looking cars thanks to this new look.

    Europe is still a tricky market for GM's luxury division. People over there are very picky about this s***. Even with the good products coming out from Cadillac these days, it still seems they don't stand a chance against the German competition over there.

    Let's hope this one and other cars that come after it give people over in Europe second thoughts about the brand.

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