2012 Chevrolet Aveo

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Another good looking small car for us!

After the Fiesta, it is GM’s turn to bring us a good looking small sedan. 
The interior looks about as good as the one in the Cruze. 
This can only be good news for us . But maybe bad news for the Cruze. 
The Cruze design is getting a bit old already and it’s not even out yet. 
Sure, this is smaller, but it will be quite a bit cheaper too. And the current version is already almost as roomy inside as the Cruze.

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  1. Nice! It resembles a Volvo S40, which I've always liked. Is it still a crappy little Korean sourced thing? Because it just looks much more substantial than the current one.

  2. Wow, I'm impressed enough to not notice the Lancer inspiration!

    Looks like the Fiesta, Mazda 2, Accent, and Rio won't be the only ones dominating the segment!

    We are getting this within the year, right? Everyone will flock to this because the Cruze is way past dated.

    – Fusion Sport

  3. Now, THAT's better! Current Aveo is said to be a POS and it looks like one, too.

    If the newly designed Aveo drives the way it looks, it'll be a winner. Looks like a baby Volt which is nice.

  4. If only the hatch also arrives with such striking lines. Hopefully both have an engine to match

  5. Well…It's got a better looking c pillar than the Cruze. It looks pretty good in general. I think the tach should be bigger though. I do like the interior, center stack and instrument panel.

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