2012 Hyundai Azera

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Looking pretty nice, like most Hyundai designs lately.

But I am not sure why they would sill offer the Azera.
The current one has never been a hit by any mean. Just like the previous one.
I guess this will have the V6 the new Sonata isn’t getting.
But is that enough of a difference?

The new Sonata tops at over $28 000 loaded.
Then the Genesis starts at around $33 000. I guess technically, there is room for another sedan in between.
Although the new larger Sonata is almost as roomy as the Genesis sedan…

We’ll see…

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  1. How can you say this is ugly? I find that a pretty stupid comment considering it is over 50 percent covered up. Why don't you wait until the car debuts and then share your opinion eh?

  2. i think it's going to be really good looking! i would say that this fits in the lineup almost next to the Genesis. the Genesis is rwd-based, and the Azera is fwd-based. Lexus has always kept the fwd-based ES models in it's lineup, and it sells well. i think the Azera would fill that role in Hyundai's lineup.

  3. How you know it's covered up? Besides it's can't be any uglier than the Honda Accord or cross tour.. Now THAT's ugly as sin.

  4. Vince, the Azera and XG failed because it wasn't advertised. It was a great vehicle, actually both were. People just didn't know about them.

    "pico di gallo said…

    ugly as sin

    February 7, 2010 10:27 AM"

    You can tell the vehicle is ugly as sin when 8/10ths of it is covered in camo? Wow.

    You are an idiot.

  5. Stunning. I love the overall shape. I'm very interested in seeing it's KIA cousin that is also in the pipeline.

  6. Let me put it this way; I am not going to buy one anytime sonn, but, I have to say that these guys, unlike Toyota and Honda, are really kicking ass with their new designs.

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