2012/13 Ford Mondeo/Fusion?

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Who knows…

But after seeing the current Taurus and the great looking 2011 Focus, I am sure the next Fusion will look great.
It does need a redesign. The current car looks really old to these other Ford sedans.

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  1. import the mondeo

    fire and cancel the people and department in US that design the fusion.

    and the next fusion/mondeo will look great. same concept applies to most car under most brands in north america

  2. this actually looks like the evolution on the mondeo, a fine looking car now and even better if it looks like this

  3. This illustration looks closer to the Iosis concept than the current Mondeo, so I'm not sure that Ford will actually go for something like that in real life, because if they were capable/willing, they would have done it with the current model.

  4. I wonder if this was a proposed MazdaSpeed 6 design that was dropped and later picked up by Ford. I can see a bit of "Zoom-Zoom" styling there. Cat eyes, arched fenders, sloping roofline, short rear deck, rims????

  5. CHARGER's rear, Mazda 6's fenders. I hate this whining stuff about someone's copying something, but I can't get over some out-of-place details.

  6. HOLY CRAP!!! This looks AWESOME!!! That means we won't get it here in the USA. Hey Ford. If you do bring this to the USA, leave the obnoxious chrome bars off the front grill.

    This looks like one of those 4 door coupes. NICE!

  7. The front end seems dated, like the original Ford Five Hundred. The side does seem like a Charger copy, and the front wheel arch is very Mazda 6, while the rear is from a Subaru. The rear view mirrors look like weapons. looks nice, but no originality here.

  8. So what the Charger side came from the Pontiac Grand Prix. If this was a Toyota, you would have thought it was the coolest looking car in the world.

  9. I can't remember who posted (maybe Vince did) – however there was a concept picture of the 2012 Mondeo…sweet mother of all things holy in the design world it looked awesome. This looks good as well – but nothing compared to that picture

    Here is a link:

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