2013 Dodge Caliber

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Or whatever it will be called by then. It will be based on the same platform as the all new Alfa Giulietta.

A PT Cruiser replacement will also be based on that platform.
At least the rendering looks very nice. And by that time they will also have the new 300 and Charger out.
But I am still wondering how they will stay in business for the next 2 years, with almost nothing new coming out before these 2013 cars. Except the Grand Cherokee….

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  1. Hopefully they will be out of business. Who cares about the Caliber, it is by FAR the worst product in its class.

    Vince, keep in mind that the 300 and Charger will NOT be a completely new model. They will be a reskin of the already aged platform.

    Chrysler fails at everything.

  2. It's easier to make money on what you have; then to spend millions on ads, training (salesmen & service techs) etc; and hope the sales are high enough to cover all those new costs. I think Chrysler is in a much better position than Toyota (or Honda) rignt now (financially, that is).

  3. the new 300 and charger are moving to a revised platform with fiat underpinnings, moving away from the old mercedes parts, so they are far more 'new' then you are alluding to.. and the current platform is still superior to a lot of cars in the class…

  4. Vince, the all-new Charger and 300 are coming out later this year for the 2011 model year. Those cars are in a market segment that they do very well in. Together with the Cherokee (another very strong vehicle for them), the Fiat 500 and substantial updates to the exterior and interior styling and powertrains of 11 other models, they have more to hang their hopes on than you like to give them credit for and plenty to tide them over until they begin to get some of the Fiat platform cars. For once, *please*, could you keep an open mind about Chrysler, look for the bright side with them and find another whipping boy? Maybe beat-up on Toyota for a while or something. Variety is the spice of life.

  5. It would be great if the Caliber is based on an Alfa platform. Would be amazing if it handled like an Alfa. I really liked the current one the first time that I rented one, was so much more practical than the Neon it replaced. But once they get some miles on them, they are really noisy and don't seem to hold together too well. Also the materials used inside are really chintzy. Hope that a having some Alfa blood will help it. With the Focus, Cruse and all the foreign competition in this category, Chrysler really needs to step it up quite a bit.

  6. Looks great! Very aggressive looking. I'm guessing this will be marketed to 17-27 year olds so I dont know how many theyll sell…..then again this pic looks like it could be a prototype so Im sure itll be toned down a bit when it goes on sale.

  7. Lets not right them off yet. I have some confidence in them – however there is a LOT of work to do. Remember,
    – the Ram is the best truck out there…no debating that
    – Jeep products sell
    – The 300 / Charger will be out this summer
    – They hope to have a new midisized out by November.
    – The Caliber is not a bad car; I know someone who has it and loves it.
    – The 500 WILL generate traffic to their showrooms.

    If they can launch these things successfully, they'll be fine.

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