“5 by Peugeot’ Concept

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This is a concept version of the all new 508 sedan going on sale later in the year.

So most of the body should be similar to this.
A good looking sedan, good to see such a restrained front end design from Peugeot.
But the rear of the car seems pretty uninspired.
I guess this is supposed to compete mostly with sedans from Germany. So they are playing the conservative card.

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  1. The Citroen designer is now head of design for Peugeot and Citroen, and doing to Peugeot what he did for Citroen. Looks great.

  2. The rear looks very similar to a Taurus. The front resembles an Audi. Wheels, VW. I like this a lot because it's already being produced by other automakers. Shouldn't a "concept" be something more than just a hodge-podge of vehicles already in production?

  3. Wow, how come no one is saying what this looks like. But when it came to the Genesis, oh people said "it looks like a mercedes or Lexus."

  4. This is exactly the car Mitsubishi need to sell as the Galant in the U.S. market. Since Peugeot sell a variaton of the Outlander in Europe it would make sense for them to sell this under the agreement with Mitsubishi. Much like the Nissan/Renault alliance.

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