5 door Mini?

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As you can see on this illustration, it wouldn’t take much. Mini could just take the new Countryman body and lower it. And voila! A 5 door Mini.

A cheap way to add yet another model to an ever expending line up.
The roadster is coming soon too.
Should they do it?

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  1. i think tis small niche might be filled with the upcoming Mini 5 door cute ute. Chin's an awesome chopper though.

  2. Mini will have really tough competition when the fresh, shiny and new Fiat 500 gets here so I don't think it's a bad idea to expand the line up and collect more of the market.

    The Countryman looks weird and I doubt it'll be that successful. Honestly, I would like to see Mini design some models that aren't retro, more like the Audi A1.

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