7 passenger Prius coming up?

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Toyota has mentioned it before. They want to expand the Prius line up. A smaller Hybrid is coming up. But also a sportier coupe and larger 7 passenger model.

The larger car is close in concept to the Renault Megane, or Opel Zafira.
A very popular class of cars in europe. The closest thing we have here is the Mazda5.
That also means that Toyota is trying to sell more hybrids in Europe. Where most people will consider a diesel over a hybrid.
We’ll see….

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  1. Many European countries now have tax calculated on CO2 emissions and therefore especially hybrids are becoming more popular. And some countries also reduce tax on purchasing a hybrid.

    Note a diesel with same mileage as a hybrid will still emit more CO2 and that's part of the equation.

  2. It comes with trap doors in the floor so when the brakes fail, all 7 passengers can stop the car with their feet- Flintstone's style. Yabba Dabba Doo.

  3. i think you mean the renault scenic, vince? also, like one reader commented, hybrids are becoming more popular because of their "environmental" appeal in europe

  4. Okay.

    Anon #2 said it well: it looks like a Honda Fit photoshop job.

    Why not at least take a picture of the Prius or other Toyota model and photoshop IT?

    Anon #3 has me rotflol!

  5. Toyota's Hybrids have never caught on in Europe, like in the US. Mabey not enough rich, foolish Hollywood idealists there. Or mabey too much serious competition from diesels & direct-injection gas engines like those from VW, Mercedes, Fiat, & others. You really need a lot of government support & incentives to make Hybrids viable. Or mabey Europeans are just smarter– they're thinking ahead to how the planet will look with all those huge, spent, toxic & lethal lithium batteries filling up the landfills. I have a friend who develops those batteries– and I sure would never put one in MY garage!

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