All new Nissan 1.6 Liter Turbo engine.

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Producing 190hp in the new Juke!

Quite amazing. If it is also smooth a quiet, this little engine could pretty much replace any other 4 cylinder engine they currently use.
All the way up to the Altima…

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  1. Fiat will have something very similar in future Dodges. (They are already being used in Fiats; DIG's Direct Injection Gasoline engines)

  2. That is one of the coolest videos ive ever seen, and pretty impressive hp numbers seeing my VQ 3.0 v6 in my maxima only has 190 hp

  3. Been driving a Turbo 1.4L Fiat Bravo for almost two years and loving it! About time that Nissan jumped on the "small force-fed engine" bandwagon. But are Americans ready for smaller engines?

  4. At the end of the video it says 190 "PS"……is that the same as "HP"? I did'nt think so but I could be wrong. Good video though.

  5. who's that genius home box engineer above ?, let's see the torque curve. who are you? like Nissan world class engineers might have overlooked something. what a joke, everyone's an expert. what a loseer. Nissan will rock the world with this gem. BTW, with plenty of torque.

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