All new VW Sharan coming up

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It’s about time. The Sharan came out in 1995, and never got a full redesign since.

Just a bunch of revisions once every few years.
So this all new model is big news for VW in Europe. 
And it would be good news for here too. Smaller than the current Chrysler based Routan, it could compete with Ford’s upcoming Grand C-Max. Even though the VW might still be larger.
Plus, it would be more original that selling a big Chrysler van with a VW grille.
Most people who buy a VW in the US want something different. This Sharan could to the trick, in a sea of Hondas and Toyotas…

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  1. Why the drape like this is some kind of secret? All Volkswagens have this face. The Chinese sedan below shows more imagination than VW (not that it is a good thing). A corporate identity is one thing, but mix it up a little.

  2. VW Sharan was built (and probably will be) in Portugal. I have worked there for six months back in 1995. They were great back then but a new version was long overdue.
    It's just a shame that currently all VW models look the same…

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