Banned “GoDaddy” commercial

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Apparently, this second CoDaddy commercial, featuring sexy race car driver Danica Patrick, was banned and won’t be airing during the superbowl…
Watch here what you’ll be missing.

Censorship is alive and well in our “free” country…..

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  1. "Censorship is alive and well in our "free" country." ??
    Don't you mean, Vince, that 'Morality' still at least has a pulse in our country?
    By the way, television networks, at least those who still abide by self-governing standards, still consider the age of their viewers. So how many 10-year olds do you think need to be seeing Ms. Patrick in her underwear? You don't have children, do you Vince?

  2. I never said it was "government censorship.

    There is something wrong if 10 year olds freak out when seeing a woman in underwear for 3 seconds.
    Don't kids ever go to the beach anymore?
    Wearing underwear isn't sex.
    It's just "wearing underwear"….

  3. I have childrens too and do not know what is bad to see this advertisement?

    For me as central european this kind of so called morality is simple stupid – stop killing innocent people just because they do not share your views first – and then consider to talk about morality!

    And too, I totally agree with what Vince wrote in reply.

    Looking forward the Superbowl and greating all the millions of open-minded Americans who gave and give our world so much (thanks for your efforts in Haiti too)!!!

  4. I like naked women like most guys but I'm tired of crap being forced down our throats. There's a time and place for everything. Let parents watch the superbowl without having to worry about what their kids see.

  5. Wow…I had to watch it a second time to find the objectionable bit…HAHA!!!

    I thought they didnt want obese effeminate african-americans on during the Super Bowl for a minute!

  6. Yes, you're right, Vince. It's "just underwear". Let's just let society go down the crapper for once and for all. Soon nothing — murder, drugs, sex, stealing, the next generation will mean anything to anyone anywhere. Then what? What's left to concern ourselves with after that except survival. I can see you got it all figured out.

  7. I guess panties and gays were too much for the TV to handle. I would think that those two would cancel each other out. I see nothing wrong with this commercial. Worse things have been aired! I think I'm offended on many accounts for this being banned!

    And to Anon#1: You apparently don't know who Danica Patrick is….for shame! They didn't show HER in her underwear! That was someone else!

  8. I'm gay and thought it was funny and had nothing inappropriate at all. But it makes people pay closer attention to the sponsor when the commercial is "banned."

    I'd rather see this than Tebow and his ridiculous bible verses on his face. Grow up.

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