Chinese Huatai B11

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I guess this is the production version of that “fake Bentley” looking concept we saw a while ago.

Looks like about 12 designers worked on it without ever talking to each other.

Sure it’s pretty bad, but I think I’ve seen worse… Somewhere…

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  1. 300c grille, 5 series headlamps, Honda H badge, Genesis coupe taillights, dammmm I thought Hyundai was bad. Get your own freaking designs

  2. Jesus, look at the hood alignment/gap in the first picture. Look at the differing gaps in the second picture going from front to back with the doors.

    Chinese QC is nonexistent. It is enough to make me laugh.

  3. I see the panel looks like the Lexus GX back in 2007. Wow that condom on the steering wheel looks tacky.

  4. Are these plastic hubcaps? What's up with the steering wheel scrunchey? Why couldn't they paint the ugly parking lot sensors instead of leaving them black? Why is the Interior such a rip-off of a Lexus? Why are the wheel/fender gaps so huge? This is the ugliest, most generic shade of white they could have chosen. In 1989 this would have been impressive. Today it just shows how not ready this company is to sell cars.

  5. 300 grille, with Malibu, Camry, Avalon, and some sort of Hyundai thrown in.

    I can't wait for the Chinese industry to consolidate to about 4 or 5 solid players like other globally competitive car building countries. If only to keep these oddities off the market.

  6. Yes , the quality is atrocious now, but in 10 years they will bury what is left of the US auto makers and a few European and Asians ones as well. You can not compete with prison labor, abundance of raw material and economy of scale.

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