The grey Juke

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In this color at least, the Juke doesn’t seem so goofy.

And I do like the interior, even though we’re not seeing the whole picture.
And we have to keep in mind that, just like the Cube, the Juke is based on the Versa.
That means a 1.8 Liter with a CVT. Unless they decide to also offer a manual.
So it won’t be sporty no matter what.
Just an alternative to the mostly boring cars for maybe around $15 000.
I am starting to like it….

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  1. On some ways it seems odd to sell both the Juke and the Cube but small cars are a growing market it seems. As someone in West LA who is a pretty active weekend warrior I like this mini-cuv's. I can toss in my gear in the back and easily access it. Don't need a huge SUV for getting around. These are great for trips to Ikea and to the ocean for some swimming. As for the styling it's odd but I thought that about the Soul. But the more I see it the more I like it. Same with the grey Juke.

  2. The European version is getting a turbo 1.6 making 187 hp with a six speed manual. Sounds sporty to me.

  3. if you didn't know this is a Nissan and someone slapped a Porsche logos on there, you'd think this was a Porsche!! Its curves certainly remind me of 1st gen Cayenne–and for cheap! I like!!

  4. I think it's great…finally a Japanese brand that is stepping away from dull design. Maybe realising there's more to life than sales figures and appealing to the masses?

    The Juke is supposed to be based on the about to be superseded Micra platform. Is that the same as Versa/Tiida?

  5. this might give the mini 4-door some new competition when people realize they would walk away with 10K in change.

  6. I think the interior is really cool…looks modern and fun. However, that front is a disaster. I don't like the busy headlights everywhere. I always thought round headlamps looked cheap and's a circle! Make a more original shape!

  7. Haha… This car is cute in a cockroach sort of way! Wonder if it'll sell? At least our roads will be more interesting if they do!

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