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Not everyone drives a Prius in Hollywood anymore.
The big thirsty classics like the Rolls Royce are back.

Can you guess who drives what?

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  1. Are you kidding me Vince??

    I'm supposed to guess with blacked off heads and blurred bodies? Those could be complete strangers for all I know.

    If you had given a hint with each photo, then maybe I could have.

  2. I'ld rather they drive these things than tooling around town in a Toyota Pious (while living in a 20,000 sq ft house). If I was a rich turd I'ld be driving a Bentley too.

  3. My guess: RR #1 Simon Cowell

    #2 Pierce Bronson

    #3 Jay Leno

    #4 RR again, Posh Beckham

    #5 Camaro, Spencer Pratt

  4. it's retardedly ironic that those celebs driving prius are doing it as a claim to save the earth, their entire lifestyle, fame, and career are built on excess, just the production of one of their movie or album, or concert means manufacturing and hauling tons of equipment and workers from one place to another, costing a buttload of money and emitting tons of emission to the environment. the heating and cooling cost of just one of their McMansion can probably power an entire block of apartment building. if they truly wanna do something to save the earth, stop being celebrities.

  5. Two of the photos are of those famous stars who drive mostly Aston's & Dodges; and often ware shorts & white shoes.

    The Rolls is that one person that goes around in long black pants & a brownish suitcoat.

    One thing for sure, all these guys have excellent taste in cars!

  6. I've seen most of these photos on TMZ or similar.

    The Challenger is Ah-nold.
    The Aston is Ryan Seacrest.

    I'm sure Simon Cowell and Stallone are in the mix there.

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