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Apparently, there is a delay in the Hybrid version of the Fit. Maybe because it would compete too much with the already struggling Insight?

The Fit is a popular model for Honda. About as roomy as the Insight and the Hybrid would be cheaper than the Insight too.
We’ll see…

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  1. These are just typical Honda quality glitches. But now they're taken more seriously.

    After having the 2008 ACCORD win the dubious honer of "worst vehicle of all times" (Honda Problems dot com says it's even more problem-laden than the 2003 Accord); Honda isn't so quick to overlook quality issues any more.

    Honda Motor Co. is recalling 646,000 Fit hatchbacks, including 140,000 in the United States, because of a faulty window switch, after a child died when fire broke out in a car last year (other rumors of deaths are not proven at this time).

    A Honda spokeswoman says the recall affects the 2007-2008 models of the Fit, which is sold in other countries as the Jazz and City. The recall affects Asia, Latin America, Europe, South Africa and North America.

    "They REALLY don't want to be competing with Toyota for "Brand with the most safety & quality coverups"."

  2. Few weeks ago Honda said in an interview with autonews that it doesn't look like they can produce a Fit Hybrid that will be affordable enough. Therefore it looks like this won't be produced.

  3. Personally, I would like to see a Fit Si made, with the K20 motor. The Insight coupe looks like crap, it will have an uphill battle compared to the universally accepted Fit.

  4. they should have offered the Fit in Hybrid all along instead of the Insight and CRZ which are both foul balls.

  5. The Fit has more interior volume than the Insight. Actually almost as an Accord with the rear seats folded flat. I owned on of these but hated the rear suspension and being blown off the interstate by semi trucks. It was great for hauling my giant schnauzers around in but I traded it in for Pilot the dogs are happier and we don't get blown off the road all the time anymore.

  6. February 16, 2010 9:45 AM:

    I think recalls are the norm these days.

    Not for Ford, GM or Chrysler!

    -Sorry if I burst your bubble.

  7. What you mean recalls are the norm these days? If it was Hyundai/Kia with the accelration problem you wouldn't give any exucess for them like Toyota.

  8. The Honda hybrid line should have been the Cr-z Hybrid, Fit Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, Stream (Hybrid) if they made one, and bring back the Accord Hybrid.

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