Hummer is dead.

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We are finally rid of these obnoxious beasts.

I don’t mind big cars, but the vulgarity of these things was pretty unbearable.
Even the Chinese company that was supposed to get it couldn’t make a strong enough case to the Chinese government.
They’re OK with political prisoners, but want nothing to do with Hummer.

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    The less of these on the road, the better! These are the MOST obnoxious beasts on the road today! It was the pnnicle of the SUV craze and will die right along with it. All the obnoxious drivers these belong to will now be reduced to only be able to bully others on the highway in their F-1050s instead!

    Looks as if slow and steady wins the race when it comes to JEEP.

  2. Yes the hummer was extreme in all ways. It represented our nations supriorty complex. The fact that there was a huge vehicle on the road that got 8 miles a gallon seems absolutly obsurd at this point. With all that said I am still sad to see this true off road company go to the wayside. If they would have just put more effort into making these vehicles more fuel efficent they could have been really cool. They used deisels in the h2 in mexico and if they had done that in the h3 it could have got really decent gas milage. I was also looking forword to the upcoming h4 which was supposed to be a smaller and much more fuel efficient vehicle. So yes I think that GM made all the wrong moves with hummer but I was hoping a new company would take them over and turn them into what they deserved to be. R.I.P. Hummer

  3. Honestly these were pretty hard to drive, they could have downsized them a bit to be around the same size of a regular suburban, and threw in a hybrid system, and it would have been awsome. This shows American way of doing things, HYPE IT UP, then throw it away. What a shame

  4. The stupid things looked like farm tractors. They really should have come out with diesel versions, plus a Wrangler-type vehicle. But that would have been too authentic for this plastic fake-tough brand.

  5. To me, the Hummer was defintely more politically correct than a VW, that's for sure.

    You've read that right. I believe that a Volkswagen is more politically incorrect than a Hummer.

    I would drive an H2 anyday.

    But A Bug? A Jetta? A Golf? A Polo? A Lupo? A Sharan? A Touran? An Eos?

    ….no. >_<

  6. Another deal falls apart. Seems that GM's attempts to get a few bucks from dead brands have all failed (Saab hasn't been sold yet, and the anticipated buyer is likely to be a false alarm).

    Saturn, Hummer, and Saab won't be missed by very many people–Saab does have a long-term following and Saabs have been good cars at various times. The most interesting were the 3 cylinder, 2 cycle Saabs of the late '50s and early '60s. Later Saabs have been little more than quirky-looking Opels.

    Saturn was OK at first, but the larger LS Saturn based on the Opel Vectra was uninspired. The ION was a cheapened mess compared with competing brands. Hard to believe that a new GM brand with so much promise was allowed to wither as Saturn did. By the time Saturn offered a really good car–the Aura–it was too late.

    Hummer was OK when gas was cheap and the economy strong enough for men with small penises to compensate with a butch monster vehicle. Poor Hummer was a victim of our sour economy.

    Smart that GM now is down to 3 relevant brands–they should have dumped the redundant ones many years ago.

  7. iQuack said:

    "Smart that GM now is down to 3 relevant brands–they should have dumped the redundant ones many years ago."

    There are four brands left in General Motors, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. Unless you actually meant three of the four existing ones.

    I don't consider GMC a relevant brand at all. To me, it's like Mercury but for GM's trucks.

    I still believe that Pontiac should have survived. They were just starting to get get some good vehicles. Especially the ones from GM's Australian arm, Holden. One reason why I though the cars didn't sell well was probably the lack of advertising. They should have created more awareness to the brand.

    On the subject of Saturn. It's situation is a lot like Pontiac's. Saturn had other vehicles besides the Aura that were just as promising as well. Other rebadged Opels/Vauxhalls such as the Astra, and the Vue (Opel Antara but may have started out as a Daewoo concept). Also let's not forget about the Kappa platform based Saturn Sky (which shared a lot in common with Pontiac's Solstice). It was suprising to me for a brand like Saturn to actually have something as exciting and exhilarating as the Sky roadster.

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