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But not for us…

This is Infiniti getting serious about the European market: diesels!
Not only the new engine is available on the FX, but also on the EX and the new M. Somehow, not on the GS. Weird.
It is a 3.0 Liter V6 and produces 238hp. With pretty much the torque of a V8.
This was the engine we were supposed to get in the new Maxima as a “Diesel option” back when gas was getting expensive.
Now that gas isn’t “as expensive” as it was and plenty of idiots went and got big 12 mpg trucks again, Nissan and Honda have abandoned their Diesel plans for the US. So far…

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  1. No diesel from Infiniti surely was also a victim of US diesel prices (which were higher than even premium at one point)

  2. i love the shape of the FX. it's hot in any color, any trim level. i'd imagine their diesel will be high-tech as hell and reliable and economical too.

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