Lexus CT 200h

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Compared to the European competition like the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 series, this new small Lexus seems a bit clumsy looking.

A bunch of ideas put together in a weird way.
 A very un-European looking design. 
Underneath, the power train seems to be similar to the one used in the 2010 Prius
More very soon…

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  1. This does not look like a luxury car. It looks like a Corolla wagon. I'd take a Mazda 3 over this any day.

  2. The good news is that I no longer think the Lancer Sportback looks disproportioned!

    Is this on it's own platform or is it A Prius/Sai/HSh underneath?

  3. i wonder if the C pillar has a black glass panel, or if it's just covering solid metal? i think it's a fine looking hatch if that's a glass window. if it's just for 'show' it's a bit lame. i have no problem with the concept of luxury car makers making the smallest and most efficient vehicles. quality surroundings shouldn't matter what size of car you're being surrounded by.

  4. Typically Toyota-awful styling. That front end looks like it has already accelerated unintentionally against a wall. FAIL

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