More bad news from Toyota

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This video shows how the sudden acceleration problem can actually be reproduced.
And, unlike what Toyota has been claiming all along, it IS a software problem.
Even worse, the onboard computer cannot “see” it.
So if you go to your dealer, it’ll say your car is fine and that nothing ever happened.
Which is what people have been experiencing.
I just wonder how far this will go for Toyota. Sales are down, reputation that took decades to build is getting worse every day.

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  1. I am very interested to see how these guys short the pedal circuit. Anyone could short this circuit on any car with the same thing happen without a code.
    What did this prove? I wonder!

  2. It does look damming, but I'm reserving judgment because I don't trust American news outlets.

    Anyone remember the Dateline NBC fiasco where they put an ignition source on those GM trucks with side saddle tanks? Or perhaps how Consumer Reports totally rigged the flip testing of the Suzuki Samurai.

    So my only question is what (if any) modifications were made for the test to replicate the result and is it a REALISTIC possibility that those modifications can be replicated in the real world..

    I'm not here to totally defend Toyota but it seems to me that a lot of piling on is happening here.

    Also, those Congressmen might want to think twice before throwing Toyoda-san under the bus. If Toyota financially suffers too much for this, they'll start closing down factories. I guarantee that they'll close American factories before they'll close any Japanese plants.

  3. Thanks for posting this. My soon to be mother in law has a 09 Camry and the Toyota dealer denied that it has any related issues.

  4. Ain't nothing going to happen to Toyota. I see Camry's every .05 of a second. As nice as the new Sonata is, I don't think it will out sell the Camry yet.

  5. I see it as another "managerial" issue:
    I'm sure engineers and workers knew all along about these issues, but management decided to cover it up. It's a shame that such a great company is getting screwed by its top managers.

  6. And the economic warfare of the American govenment against Japan continues…

    How Stupid do they think we are??

  7. I'm confused, now Ford and KIA are good and Toyota and Honda are bad. What's next in this crazy car world.

  8. This professor has conducted the SAME technique on NON-Toyotas. However, none of them had Unintended Acceleration issues.

    Honda may have it's troubles, but it's bad business to group them with Toyota. I think the American workers will still have a job when Hyundai/Kia buy those factories off Toyota. They'll properly buldoze them and build anew to ward off any lingering worries.

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