More pictures of the Honda CR-Z

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As you can see, this is the Japanese version. With a small backseat we won’t even be getting as an option.

Which will make the car pretty expensive to insure. (Try to call your insurance company and get a quote on a 2 seater car…)
I think I still like the car. A bit…
It’s just too bad the US won’t be getting the glass roof either.
And the 33mpg rating will really hurt it.
A hybrid should be getting at least 40. Even if it claims to be sporty.
It’s just too bad….

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  1. This thing is dead on arrival. The fit is a far superior automobile and gets much better mpg. Drop the hybrid crap, add a civic SI engine and you'll have a winner; otherwise this thing will not sell.

  2. I saw this at NAIAS, and they are doing us a favor not putting a back seat for the US market. However it's not the CRX pocket rocket I had hoped for, at least not now. Honda, put a Ks20 in this and you will have a hit.

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