Mystery Opel Concept

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Opel will present a new Electric concept at the Geneva auto show. It will use the Voltec powertrain as first seen in the Ampera (The Opel version of our Volt).
No more info is given.
So the Volt technology is spreading….

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  1. This is a market created & controlled entirely by Governments. It will stop & start as suddenly as any government-fabricated market: (solar collectors, energy rebates, hybrids, etc). It will fly in the face of public demand. And it is a VERY risky direction for an auto company (if not ENTIRELY supported by Grants/Tax breaks/Gov Loans).

    I would never buy stock in (or products from) an enterprise whose fate is tied so tightly to the whims of fickle politicans.

    I'll stay with companies that respect (more predictable & less risky) MARKET pressures; instead of risking it all on some politically-contrived FAD.

    Look at the mess Toyota is in with the Prius–and the (US) Government is still backing them 100%–for the moment.

    Look where GM wound up after 20 years of R & D on the VOLT (& its predicessor the EV-1).

    Look at where Chrysler wound up after decades of money spent on Turbines & electric cars (Chrysler has a division that is the worlds largest producer of electric vehicles — what a risky venture that was — and where did it get them?)


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