New Lancia Ypsilon to become a small Chrysler

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No, this is not the current Lancia Delta, even though it does look a lot like it. This illustration shows what the next Ypsilon model could look like.
Pretty much like a smaller Delta.
Anf Fiat plans to sell it as a small Chrysler when it goes out sometime next year. Just in time to compete with the new Ford Fiesta, both in Europe and the US.
It could be called the Chrysler Java in the US.

The current Ypsilon design is from 2003. It got a new front end in 2006.
So a new one is long overdue.

It could give Chrysler the modern small car they never had.
If they’re still around by then…

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  1. C'mon Vince, "if they're still around by then?"

    -I think a few shares of Chrysler-Fiat bought today; will be worth a heck of a LOT more in 2 years than if you were to invest the same amount in Toyota stock!

    Try to keep up with the times, Vince. Chrysler is looking better every day!

  2. The Java, really? I'd love to call it the Hornet but afraid it would be too measly in the engine size to be really a Hornet. When it comes to small car names I'm glad Ford is sticking with the Focus. Unlike GM with the Cavalier, the car out now whatever it's called and the Cruze. It creates confusion in the marketplace. I'd rather be like "wow, they've really changed that car. it looks great." then to be thinking "i chevy salesman can i look at the cavaliar. what do you mean they don't make that anymore?" Maybe the Caliber or umm…Neon…and what was before that? I can remember Focus, Escort and Pinto. Good or bad memories it helps when people know what you are selling and which market it's in. Stop renaming the cars every few years.

    Which reminds me that I know someone who just calls every Acura an Acura as they have no idea what each model is called. And considering I read car blogs I coudln't tell you either.

  3. Anonymous Feb6,3:31PM said…
    fiat is betting a lot on successfully rebading lancia as chrysler. i am not sure if thisll work.

    pretty sure it's supposed go both ways, with Chrysler being large(r) Lancias…

    …imho, if one thinks of the elegant 300M (pre-MB's raping & pillaging), that isn't so far-fetched

  4. Where is the love, Vince? Lighten up on Chrysler just a little. Chrysler has a long history of prouduct innovation and of surviving a global auto industry that is increasingly unfavorable for smaller automakers. And their cars are not as bad as you make them out to be on here. They have some pretty solid plans for getting the company back on track. Try looking for the bright side with them for once, will ya?

  5. I want to buy new small cars for my wife I am very excited about this car it look so nice and cool I am very glad to seen this car.

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