New VW Polo GTI

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This is actually closer in size to the original Golf based GTI. Smaller than the current “regular” GTI.

It seems really fun too. Comes with a 1.4 Liter engine with 177hp. 
It would be great to offer this much fun in such a small package in the US. Going against the Fiesta…

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  1. i lovethe way the new Polo looks, especially in white GTI trim with the black roof. i think it would sell over here if the price was enough below the Gold/GIT.

  2. They're cute, but I'm just too big a guy to fit in one. They say a 6'5" guy will fit; but my knees hit the steering wheel and my line of vision is through the shaded top of the windshield. Probablly better suited to someone with a chinese build than an American Athletic build. I guess that's why my bias runs in favor of "Real American Iron" like Challenger, 300, Escalade, Navigator, Ram, MKS, DTS, etc. A cute car for chicks, though. The plad seats are a nice feminine touch.

  3. Sweet little car. They need to get back to basics like that – their cars have become too pricey in the US. Getting back to the spirit of the original GTI is a great idea. Keep it affordable!

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