Next Alfa Romeo Spider?

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This just an illustration so far.
From this, it looks like they would go “retro”. Which might not be a bad thing for an Alfa.
Pininfarina will be showing a Spider concept at the Geneva auto show this year.
From the teaser we’ve seen of it a few days ago, it looks like the real design will actually be more modern than this illustration.

This is the current model. Based on the Brera hatchback. The one we’ve never seen in the US.

Almost 5 years old and looking great….

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  1. Wow. It looks amazing, hope they don't change it and that they send it over pronto. And please, do not rebadge it as a Chrysler.

  2. The current model looks better. The "proposed" one looks like something from the 1960's… and not in a good way.

  3. This is exactly what I was talking about last week when Vince posted the "illustration" of the next Spider. Of course, that drawing was just some kind of concept brainstorm. Alfa going retro is a good thing!

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