Next Saab 9-3?

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This illustration shows what it could look like when it comes out in 2012. The next 9-3 will once again be available as a 5 door hatchback. Just like it should have been all along.

Let’s hope it looks close to this picture.
After seeing the great looking new 9-5 , I am pretty confident about the future 9-3.

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  1. SAAB definitely has a place in this world. They're unique, distinctive & classy; in a world of mostly generic blobs. Truely a good-looking mid-size. (Actually they're the same size they've always been; but we used to call this size "compacts to sub-compacts" Now it's more like mid-to-upper-midsize. In a world that keeps getting smaller–so do the cars!

  2. The center shield grille is ugly on the Acura MDX and isn't any better looking here. Hope it doesn't make it into production.

  3. LOVE IT. Spyker makes cool cars and won't feel constrained by normal corporate design restrictions. This is what Saab needs. They should figure out how to put the Aero-X design into production instead of just interpreting – – it won best of show for a reason!

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