Renault Wind

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Before it came out, most people were calling it the Twingo CC.
Because, well.. That’s pretty much what it is. A 2 seater convertible based on the small Renautl Twingo.
So don’t expect sport car performance.

But it will probably be affordable. Different. And sort of fun.

It reminds me of the old Honda Del Sol.

Remember when Honda was trying to be different. And original.
Anyone here remember their Civics from the 80’s? Hatchbacks, cool tall wagons, CRX, Del Sol.
The Civic was the base for so many fun cars.

Now we have sedan, coupe and CRV…

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  1. That's an expensive T-top, but I love it. Does the rear window go down?

    Nissan snout and passport…AGREED!

  2. Haha, yeah, the Del Sol was the first thing that came to mind even befroe I read your post.

    To be fair the spirits of the Civic wagon/hatch (4 door) and Accord Wagon are living in the Fit and Crosstour….like I said…just in spirit.

  3. It's a cutie. Sorta in between a Del Sol and a Miata. But the Del Sol didn't sell well…
    Number of del Sols sold in the USA:
    1993 25,748
    1994 21,075
    1995 14,021
    1996 8,489
    1997 5,603
    (source wikipedia)
    I still see del Sol's around the West LA area. It was a nifty little car. Maybe this could be the all new Nissan Pulsar!

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