Rollover test result for pick-up trucks

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What a difference between the Nissan and the Chevy.

And also, check out the “old news” footage they have at the beginning where a Pontiac Grand Am is being towed.
That’s a scry sight…

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  1. The real issue on rollover deaths is the occupant NOT WEARING SEAT BELT in over 98% of deaths. In short they get thrown out and crushed. Roof strength is desirable but meaningless id no seat belt worn.

  2. When they say small pickups don't do nearly as well as large ones; I assume the "mid-sized" ( Dodge Dakota & Toyota Tundra) are considered to be "large".

  3. I guess rollover is a big concern even for careful or slow drivers (if they have a SUDDEN ACCELERATION or "brakes fail" Toyota!

  4. look at how low the roof crushes so severely on the red Toyota. proof, Nissan puts a whole lot more build quality and safety in their vehicles.

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