What car is this???

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It came out in 1997. And “died” in 2000…

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  1. Lancia K coupe'. Crap car, no doubt about it. Especially if you think that in 1995 Giugiaro designed a prototype, called Kayak (http://www.special-classics.com/Archive/prototyp/kayak.jpg), that was a proposal for a coupe' based on the Lancia K sedan.
    Obviously tha Kayak was so much better looking then the K coupe', but those were the times when Paolo Cantarella was in charge as Fiat CEO, and the company almost went bankrupt…

  2. Last of the quirky Lancias, the Kappa Coupé.
    Nowadays a (reasonably) desireable youngtimer, then a poorly received 2-door version of the Kappa sedan, mostly because of the odd body proportions en the then new price of around 65.000,–USD

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