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  1. SEAT Ibiza, first generation. Thought it was still Fiat-based, it was SEATs first self-developed car. Somewhat smaller and alot cheaper than the Golf of that time.

  2. That's a 1985 Seat Ibiza Mk. I. Was still related to Fiat (bassed on the Strada/Ritmo/Seat ronda), but had a unique body by Giurgiaro

  3. Maybe that's hard for Americans but they're ten a penny in Europe. The engine was developed by Porsche and they were badged as "System Porsche". Nice revvy sporty engine.
    First car I ever drove as it happens..
    It wasn't a bad car at all. Good looking (ItalDesign) and not bad handling either. The only SEAT really that was developed in that brief post-FIAT, pre-VW period.

  4. SEAT Ibiza Mk I – a pretty competetive car for the time in terms of handling, and very competetive on price. It also had a decent range of Porsche developed 4 cylinder engines. Unfortunately, SEAT's reliance on mid 80's Fiat componentry showed in the build quality, which really wasn't very good.

  5. Seat Ibiza mk 1, 1984-1991; This model is a GLX model with an engine 1200 cm3 or 1500 cm "system Porsche"

  6. That was my first car!!
    It was in '99, I was a student and could only afford a '85 model. Had a nice 1.5l 90hp engine but everything else sucked…. like the seat collapsing under me while speeding down the highway… got rid of it after only 3 months, never looked back.

  7. i love the simple lines of cars from that period. today's cars could learn a few things from these lightweight, and light-appearing, cars. i'd gladly trade away some of today's angles and swoops for a few more straight lines and more glass area.

  8. Yep! Seat Ibiza, 1st generation. My uncle owned one, by the early 1990's it was a super sport car available here in Guatemala, every teenager wanted one. It was really fun to drive.

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