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Was produced from 1990 to 1995. Fewer than 9000 were sold during that time

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  1. That's the lovely Mazda Eunos Cosmo. Given the technology lurking under the bodywork the styling is remarkably restrained (a bit bland even by early 1990's standards).

    The first generation of the Cosmo (1967 to 1972) is a real looker. The 1967 Cosmo must have screamed "the future is here" when it was introduced.

  2. A stunning rotary-powered Eunos Cosmo (a 90's JDM brand of Mazda).

    Beautiful Car.., 3 rotors, first production car equipped with a OEM GPS navi.

    Matteo, Italy

  3. Eunos Cosmo.. i saw this in Tokyo on the street.. totally flipped out! i knew Mazda tried to make a luxury brand too, like Acura or Lexus but was too small a company and too late..

    I love this super rare JDM gt car!

  4. Was apparently sold under the Eunos banner, so it's a JC-series Eunos Cosmos. Earlier Cosmos models were sold as Mazda's

  5. Early 90's JDM Mazda Cosmo. These bad boys came with the only production 3-Rotor, twin turbo. Tuners swap these engines into 3rd generation RX-7's, and even a few RX-8's. They are beasts!

  6. It's MAZDA COSMO…Why you people blind or something?? Nissan?? Give me a break! Don't even need to mention about American car.

  7. It is a Mazda Cosmo, but my first reaction was a Nissan Skyline, because once upon a time there was a Skyline that looked like it. This Cosmo looks nothing like the one sold briefly in the US in the 1970s — I test drove one in Albuquerque, and I was only there 1973-1978.

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