2011 Acura TSX Wagon coming up

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An easy transfer: it will basically be the same car that has been on sale in Europe as the Accord Wagon. Except for the big Acura grille.

It will compete here with the Audi A4 wagon and the upcoming Buick Regal wagon.
We will be seeing it in a few weeks at the New York auto show.

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  1. I'd honestly take this over both.

    The Buick which is basically an Insignia have earned terrible reliability ratings already, and the Audi has as well. I've had two friends who had A4s and both were nightmares.

  2. I would buy a wagon in a heartbeat provide that the wagon gets better gas mileage than a SUV and/or a CUV and that the wagon provides a great versatility to my driving needs, for example, hauling my Irish Setters !! Hell yes I would buy one !!!

  3. Wagons rocks. I love my 07 A4 Avant S-line and it has been perfect. Enough with these "my friend/coworker/neighbor"… poorly qualified nonsense.

  4. Since Audis are clunkers reliability wise, this will be very well received. And it is a looker sans the stupid grille.

  5. I know twelve people who have had Audis. Wait, no, fifteen! They've all been clunkers!!!!!!! NOT

    I have a five year old S4, and it's only been in the shop for a new cup holder and somewhat pricy regular maintenance. I don't know anyone who isn't completely happy with theirs.

    This Acura/Honda is a sharp looking little car. But no way, now how, is it close to an Audi. Particularly seeing as the current TSX sedan has received lukewarm reviews.

    I will have to wait and see about the Buick wagon. It looks much better than this Acura, both inside and out. Buick's reliability and quality ratings are comparable with Lexus and higher than every other brand in the US. In Europe, VW/Audi's reliability and quality ratings are very high, whereas they aren't in the US. I think that says more about the ratings than it does about the cars. So again… we'll just have to wait and see.

  6. Nice car, but a ridiculously small boot (trunk), for a station wagon. Even the sedan version has a bigger boot. Really doesn't make sense.

  7. I had a Volvo wagon, very functional, but, always in the shop. Honda should do much better if history is a guide.

  8. March 8, 2010 3:49 PM is one Anonymous poster I can agree with.

    If the American buying public is smart, this segment will grow back. At least with premiums. Bread-and-butter, who knows? In the immortal words of Howard Jones, things can only get better.

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