2011 Acura TSX Wagon

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Or “Sport Wagon”. “Wagon” being treated as a dirty word.

No surprises here. 
Basically a Euro Accord wagon with an Acura grille.
With a 5 speed auto and the smaller 2.4 Liter only. No V6 and no manual.

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  1. I cannot believe this Acura wagon still uses 5 speed auto and the old and inefficient 2.4 liter engine. They need to wake up and realize that it is 2010 now. What a contrast to the Sonata below… Acura does not "Advance".

  2. Great car if you need a wagon. No need for a V6 in this car–it's not for hot-rodders.
    Plenty of power for the kinds of people who are expected to buy this vehicle.

  3. The 4-cyl wasn't selling, so they offered a 6-cyl.
    The 6-cyl isn't selling, so now a wagon.
    The wagon, let's hope this does the trick. It hasn't for anyone else.

  4. Yeah this really seems old compared to the new Sonata. Even here in Europe this gets an "old" powerplant compared to the competition. The 2,2L D-tech only has 150HP, and Hyundai has a 2,2L Diesel with 197HP.

  5. Is it just me, or have they thinned out the chromed sides of the grille where they used to almost touch the headlights? I hope so, because it actually looks quite a bit better than the sedan.. and they really need to do the same to the TL.. PRONTO!!

  6. Sport wagon!!!!!! WTH I would have no problem if it were badged a honda, but to put the Acura label on it seems way off the brand.

  7. looks like the last iteration of the mazda 6 wagon. this time around, mazda didn't bother. Neither should these guys.

  8. "Anonymous said…
    What the ungainly god-awful Crosstour SHOULD have been. But too small & cheap for the Acura name.

    April 1, 2010 1:50 PM"

    Well, like it or not the Crosstour is actually selling well and has been a success.

    I don't understand the too small and cheap comment. The TSX has an incredible interior for its price point. The engine is the huge letdown in the TSX.

  9. Our local dealer has the same 3 Crosstours on the lot that he did 10 days ago — not exactly flying off the lot in the Midwest..

  10. Well, like it or not the Crosstour is actually selling well and has been a success.

    So is McDonalds and so is WallMart.

    You can have them all.–My time is too valueable to be wasted with crap!

  11. Who cares about the wagon.. let's hope this smaller grille migrates completely across the Acura line for 2011! Sure, the new face may look like a 2000 Mazda.. but at least it doesn't look like a 2010 Acura!

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