2011 Audi A7

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Caught, testing in Europe.

Everything I have seen about this car looks good.
Basically, a hatchback version of the next A6. And much better looking than the new hatch version of the BMW 5 series.

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  1. I want that paint job!

    Hopefully this makes it stateside. I really like the looks and style of the AM Rapide, but it's too expensive and too British to be a reliable everyday car. The Porsche and BMW 5GT are ghastly. Although Audi-style is not the same as an Aston and the performance isn't a Porsche, it would be something to consider.

  2. I hope these neo-hatchbacks will make my favorite car body-type popular again – esp. if it means other brands that don't have
    – the limited styling DNA of Audi
    – weird styling like BangleMW or Honda
    also see fit to offer them

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