2011 Chevrolet Cruze RS and Eco interior pictures.

Not much difference. The seats are even the same, except for the leather.

It’s also funny they choose to display the Eco version with a stick shift, and the sporty RS with an automatic.
(The Eco gets its 40mpg rating when equiped with a manual transmission only.)

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  1. People will have to fall in love with the interior. Because the exterior is already quite tired. But I do think that the interior looks very good. WIll Nav be offered?

  2. I wouldn´t say the exterior is tired (I can say that for the Corolla for sure!!!), I purchased one for my wife almost two months ago and even today we receive positive feedback from people in the streets!!!, GM is importing to Mexico the Cruze from Korea, I don´t know if once the Cruze production starts in the US it will come from there. Regards!!!

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