2011 Ford Grand C-MAX

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The longer, seven passenger version of the Focus based C-Max. The one we are actually getting here next year.

It seems to look better on these newer pictures than what I saw before when it was first introduced.
It fits in the same segment as the Mazda5, but being a Ford, I believe it will be much more successful in the US .
Plus, the new Mazda5 design with its wavy sides isn’t for everyone….

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  1. Ford just keeps getting better & better; (a 43.4% improvement in Feb Sales–Ford passed GM for the first time since August 1998, (during the GM strike). Ford is once again the best-selling nameplate by both monthly and YTD (GM had a 12.2% increase; Chrysler beat Honda to take No. 4 in February and Chrysler minivans were #1 (Dodge is #1 YTD & Town & Country is #2). (Deduct fleet sales, and Chrysler still beats analysts predictions.–I don’t the C-MAX can change that—in spite of it’s looking like a definite winner). Toyota brand sales dropped 10.6% and Honda increased 12.7%; making Accord the high volume leader of generic sedans (Accord 20,024; Camry 16,552; Fusion 16,459; Malibu 15,150; Cobalt 14,101; Focus 13,708; Impala 11,740; Charger 10,363—some say Charger is a sport sedan, not a family generic—but I say not with that high of a sales volume.) Nissan finished February with the best margin of (Toyota/Honda/Nissan) placing it #6 overall in the US. American cars seem to be rapidly gaining on Japan, and I think Ford will be the undisputed leader very shortly—especially with stuff like the new Tarus, 41-MPG Fusion, and this outstanding line of new FOCUS products.

  2. This is the smartest looking family van I've ever seen. Looks good, perfect size, won't block other driver's vision. The current ToyoHondChrysler minivans are too large and dumpy looking and are no smaller or fuel efficient than most SUVs. So there is a lot to like about a smaller, more athletic package like this. I like the current Mazda 5, but the upcoming one is not attractive. With Ford's larger dealer network vs. Mazda, I have a feeling that this will do very well.

  3. this is very very nice. I now own a 1 year old taurus that i replaced my camry with. am i ever happy i did. ford is better than toyota, hands down.

  4. I am shocked at myself, but I like this. Ford is on a roll! A better design than the Mazda 5, although I have not seen the new one.

  5. The new Mazda 5 is either a like or strongly dis-like design. It now has swoopy lines across the side of the body that serve no purpose what so ever. This Ford simply looks more mature and elegant.

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