2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

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Looks like they designed a whole new front end for the Hybrid model.

A very smart move.
Most people who buy hybrids want something that stand out. 
The Fusion hybrid is popular, but looks about 100% the same as other Fusions.
The Sonata will use the 2.4 Liter engine with an electric motor. But no CVT, unlike most hybrids out there. It will have a regular 6 speed auto.
More very soon…

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  1. Wow, smart move indeed! At first I thought it was an Elantra Touring refreshening…..which then lead to a thought about what an Elantra Touring would look like with the Sonata's grill….

  2. Kind of reminds me of the iFlow concept. I wonder if the i40 will get that front end. The i40 should be on the Sonata platform.

  3. please Hyundai, put the same hybrid in Santa Fe…
    there is plenty of hybrid sedans but NOT enough SUV with 4cyl/hybrid
    except aging Ford escape.

  4. Great. Another Hyundai that mimics an Audi. Right down to the grille and garish headlamps. Except that you get a chrome milk mustache on this one. Yay.

  5. I think this is a very smart move. The CVT tranny is the worst thing about many hybrids – I hate the slipping feeling I experienced in a Honda Civic hybrid (CVT tranny). Hopefully, Hyundai can find a way to package the battery so that trunk space isn't compromised, or only minimally so (e.g., similar trunk space, but seats can't fold down b/c battery is placed between rear seats and trunk).

  6. I don't think anyone is going to mistake this for an Audi. There's kind of a lot going on with this front end treatment, Hyundai needs to learn restraint.

  7. "I don't think anyone is going to mistake this for an Audi."

    No. It will be seen as a cheap knockoff.

  8. "No. It will be seen as a cheap knockoff" – Anonymous

    I don't see Audi in it at all. A couple of similar shapes and lines doesn't constitute an exact copy of one car or another.

  9. vince i really think you have something against the fusion…..because every time you talk about the "great sonata hybrid" you have something bad to say about the fusion…i dont know if you notice that is more hybrids out there to talk about and the fusion look and is a lot better than the ugly run away car toyota prius that could kill you using the cruise control lol…..men come on give the ford a break and talk about another hybrid!!!!!!

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