2011 Kia Optima

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This is quite amazing when you compare it to the current model.

It seems pretty hard to give a mid sized family sedan any personality, but Kia seems to have done it.
This already looks to be one of the best looking cars in its class.
The name “Kia” is still a major hurtle for most people.
But their timing couldn’t be better.
I am sure many potential Camry buyers are now looking at other cars as well…

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  1. Looks awesome, except for the hood cut-line right above the grille, and the weird kink in the rear door windows. Curious about pricing and options…

  2. Kia is climbing the ladder at an amazing rate in the last 15~18 months. I truly hope this Optima (Magentis in Canada will be a hit!

  3. Wow. I think I'd shoot myself in the head in frustration before I'd be able to choose between this and the Sonata. The options packages will be the true deciding factor. Kia/Hyundai did this right! I'm liking the LEDS!

    Both of these seem like premiums sedans. But how will they be positioned? Kia surely doesn't seem like the "Dodge" version of the Sonata at all.

  4. Kia is making a nice portfolio! Really like their latest designs…very futuristic and modern. Cant wait to see the interior

  5. I like it…I actually think that w/ the lights and the grill – this could have been what the TSX / TL should have / could have looked like. Sigh.

  6. Very nice! It puts the Accord and Camry to shame! Now, do a wagon version like the 5 series below. Kia, you're on a roll.

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