2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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Lincoln will unveil a hybrid version of the MKZ in a few days for the New York auto show.

This is pretty much a no brainer. There is already hybrid versions of the Fusion and Milan, which are basically the same car.
And a great idea.
Ford charges almost $5000 more for the Hybrid version in the Fusion, so this could come in at around $39 000. Which is just too much. Way more than the Lexus HS250.
But the Lincoln already starts at $34 000.
We’ll see if Ford comes up with a really aggressive pricing on this.
It should be no more than $35 000…

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  1. I nearly forgot about the MKZ. What a beautiful grill on such a generic and boring car. It seems like the front end is up to date, whereas the rest of the car is from the mid-ninties. JMO.

  2. It does share its boring profile with the Fusion.

    I agree about the front end, it does look great.

  3. The new interior is pretty nice too! As for the Corolla-esce Lexus HS250; It still looks overpriced at HALF the price of the bigger Lincoln.

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