2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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Getting 41MPG City and 36HWY. 

Much better numbers than the Lexus 250h.
But somehow, Ford decided against making the hybrid version look a bit special.
I think this is a mistake. Most people who buy hybrids want others to know they are driving a hybrid.
This looks like the regular MKZ, which most people have never seen anyway.
No pricing yet. But it should be cheaper than the $35 000 Lexus. 
Which means, not much more than the base MKZ.
Good news.

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  1. The MKZ actually looks pretty decent since its last update, which is more in-line with the design of the concept. Particularly in the rear. I'm not in love with the Lexus 250h and think it looks like a Corolla. Given the choice, I think that a lot of people will go for this.

  2. This is a great move for Ford.

    It is better than the stupid HS in every single way and it will cost less.

    Also a great move to get customers into Lincoln dealers to see the other great products.

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