2011 Mercedes R Class

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For its 5th year in production, the big “non-SUV/non-minivan/non-wagon Mercedes will just get what people call a facelift. Not an all new design.

That means a new front and rear. Not much. Plus updated engines, and maybe some new trim inside.
The R class has never been very popular. They had planned about 50 000 sales a year worldwide. But they could barely reach 13 000 in 2007.
I guess they won’t spend cash on an all new model anytime soon…

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  1. Now that looks good! I never liked the silly round headlamps of the current version. But these square headlamps and revised tail-lamps make a huge different. Hopefully these revisions will help goose sales.

  2. These are the ultimate road trip vehicle. We borrowed a my best friends mom's R Class and drove from Washington, DC to Maine and back.

    There is no better road trip vehicle than this.

  3. If you don't like the styling of this, there is always the Lincoln MKT (that is if you like 'em really big and ugly). I guess car makers don't realize that wealthy people don't have kids like the Kennedy's did. Or if they do, they put them in an Escalade or a Hummer. Mercedes should just give it up (and Lincoln too).

  4. I've seen quite a number of these on the road. I find it interesting that they took away it's unique style and conformed it to the "Square" look for the front and the "every other mercedes" look for the tail lights.

    I think I can revise this myself much better.

  5. What kind of car does a pirate drive?

    An "RRRRRRRR" class. Heh

    Who cares?

    This is an upper middle-class soccer mom's ride.


  6. mercedes brands have always stood higher in my mind than any bmw, audi etc….. especially higher than any toyo/lexus. even more so now than ever, in light of toyota/lexus' recent company busting recalls. I think that the giant has fallen. David wins, the cheaters fall. You see, Mercedes, honda, bmw, Nissan, mazda, they are all honest. everything now points to Toyota not being honest apparantly.

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