2011 Mercedes R class

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For its 5th year in production, the R Class is not getting a new design. Just some revised elements, mostly up front.

With new lights in the back.
And a slightly revised interior.
Good news about the interior. At least it doesn’t adopt the horrific looking blocky design from the GLK or new E Class.
They sold only about 2800 of these in the US last year (best year was 2006 with over 18 000 units)
It seems hardly worth all the investment.
I guess that’s why we’re not seeing an all new one…

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  1. Vince, this is hands down the best road trip vehicle on earth.

    Drove one from Seattle all the way down to Tucson and back with five people. Plenty of space, no one complained, got decent mileage and it was insanely comfortable.

  2. It's still a mess. They should have saved the development cost and put it towards a new E Class fascia. The interior is just scary- Looks like it was done by an overzealous gay engineer.

  3. Outside looks the same. Dash is a BIG improvement. More wood / less plastic. Still not as nice as the latest E-Class sedan; but better than the E-Class coupe.

  4. The new lights front and rear are more boring and generic than they were before. Can't see much difference in the interior, other than the new steering wheel (uglier).
    I have never climbed aboard one, but I have to say that the third comment does not surprise me, it has always looked to me like it must be a very comfortable car. The problem is that the people who have the kind of money this car costs usually prefer a large, stylish sedan rather than a minivan-estate-thing

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