2011 Nissan Micra

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This one will be coming to the US. We won’t miss the previous generation’s more original design, because it was never available here…

So we’ll just compare this to the Chevrolet Spark (Which I should be driving at the end of this month) and maybe the Versa. Although this will be smaller and cheaper than the Versa.
Well… I predict tough times ahead for the ugly Versa.
This will start at under $10 000 and is already 10 times better looking.
Sure, it might not be as roomy.
And a CVT with an 80hp engine isn’t that thrilling.
Some markets will offer a 1.2 Liter 3 cylinder Turbo with 98hp as well.

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  1. I say we bring the Japanese 90's style back – right to America's doorstep. LF-A, GT-R, new NSX, Micra, bring Daihatsu here, let's start this.

    These guys made great cars, it's not hard to improve on proven formula's.

  2. i really feel that Nissan is serious in trying retake the entry segment back from Korea. This gem, the awesome Juke, the versa, the sentra and rogue, Nissan will rule the world….yessssss!

  3. Nissan shoplifted the front of an Accent, the rear off a Yaris and matted it to the ugliest, cheapest interior I've ever seen!

  4. I want one now, Nissan better bring this here. I am running a few Yaris's for my business. I would replace them with this in a heart beat. Why? I also own a Quest and Altima, both trouble free. The Toyotas , not soooo lucky.

  5. I drove the previous generation Micra diesel in France last year. Despite somewhat soggy handling, it really wasn't too bad for what it was, plus it averaged around 50-55 mpg on two lane country roads with some city driving in the mix. Too bad they aren't bringing in the diesel version of this one.

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