2011 Nissan Quest

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Looking very much like the 2008 Forum concept. ( In white)

A good thing. I had the chance to sit inside the Forum, and it was a stunning looking car in person.
Let’s hope they kept the production version close enough.
2011 seems like a great year for Minivans, with all new ones from Toyota, Honda and now Nissan.

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  1. wow! that is strikingly gorgeous, love the new honda too. I hate the toyota though and toyotas scare me now. This gem will be Japanese built and based on the all new Serena Van, a very high quality Japan Market Van. l Say Lovely, just Lovely.

  2. imho that front design might work well on a wedge-themed sportscar
    what's Nissan (& Mazda) thinking in "forcing" some showcar outrageness on monospace small-family-haulers?

    Are they targeting pregnant teenagers?
    well, I guess that IS a growing demographic

  3. I think it is hideous.

    Hopefully they work on the reliability of it, because the last Quest was a nightmare.

  4. The lines on the new Odyssey are much sexier than this, if the word "sexy" and "minivan" can be used in the same sentence.

    But the proof will come down to what is happening interior wise: Comfort, space, utility, convenience, etc. This is why people buy minivans, not for the looks.

    Nothing earth shattering with the Siena (the only interior of the three new ones we've seen), seems like all they did is catch up with the Odyssey just in time for the Odyssey to leap frog ahead again.

    The previous Quest was a joke interior wise, so it won't be difficut to be better than that without even trying hard.

    The Odyssey has been the benchmark minivan for over a decade and Honda doesn't look to be ceding the segment.

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