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The first mistake Toyota made was making the xB too big when it was redesigned a couple of years ago.

Apparently, they had no clue why people were buying them.
Now, they are making it uglier.
Let’s not add more choices like a sunroof, or more than one interior color. No. Lets just make the front end look more like a whale, and add a weird droopy feel to the back end.
I just don’t get it….
This is really not what Scion needs right now. They need the iQ, yesterday.
Then they need a real competitor to the Cube and Soul. With maybe a 60mpg hybrid powertrain.
Something original. Anything but this….
Here is the current version of the xB. Without the massive growth up front…

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  1. OMFG! the 'new' xB was bad enough, you're absolutely right about the second generation btw, but this facelift if HORRENDOUS! Do Scion designers not have eyes? The droops and sags are just terrible. Terrible.

  2. Who is doing the Scion designing? Such a let down. Scion is slowly becoming pointless. Toyota really blew a great chance at creating a new brand. #fail

  3. Vince, any word if they ditching 2.4L in a favor of new 2.5L (Rav4…)?
    I think that would be better change.

  4. I actually think the refresh looks better than the current version. It looks crisper… or something.

    But I do agree that they should have kept the xB small, like in the original version.

  5. How about simply offering, additionally, the Toyota bB, as a sub xB model? Even we in europe get it as Daihatsu Materia, and it looks way better than this, and is about the size of a Soul or Cube…..

  6. young people won't go near this thing and it was supposed to be the "youth" brand…the few I have seen on the road are driven by senior women.

  7. Scion is to the 2000's as Geo was to the 90's.

    A fad brand with a stale lineup that is destined to go away.

  8. Toyota always manages to take an initial ugly design and make it worse with a refresh. When was the last time you were impressed with anything from this brand?

  9. Maybe they are outsourcing the design to China? It really looks like a Dyson vacuum or a Have-a-heart trap. Not getting the look that they were going for. It's as uncool as a minivan.

  10. WTF is wrong with Toyota? I can't believe so many at Toyota's upper management signed off on this disgusting design.

  11. Upper management is worried about going to jail. They have no time to look at crappy designs. But hey, crappy cars should look crappy. It's fitting.

  12. Looking at other pictures, I actually like the rear end better because it's LESS akward looking. Other than that, the car as a whole is STILL a MISS.

  13. As the owner of a Dyson I am offended by the comment that the new XB looks like a Dyson. My Dyson is good looking and has class. I'd rather have a Dyson over a Scion…..oh, I guess I do. The Japanese are out of touch with what American car styling should be (and what Americans want in a vehicle).

  14. Wow just wow. Maybe they wanted to change the back so that it could look orignal since Honda took the back end and placed it on their Pilot. Anyway, the bumber is will has not improved nothing but it looks different.

  15. WTF? Wow. I'm speechless. Toyota is really in the toilet on this one.

    Scion has made too many mistakes so far:
    -Not bring the Toyota bB Open Deck to the U.S. (street truck version of 1st gen bB/xB)
    -Not bring the 2nd gen Toyota bB to the U.S. as the xB. Instead based xB 2.0 off the t2B concept and made it more bland.
    -They made the look of the 2nd gen xB and xD look like crap compared to their Japanese marketed counterparts (Corolla Rumion and 2nd gen ist)
    -Delay on the iQ
    -and now this?

    Scion wont last long now… even with the iQ coming. They really need to step up their game and go back to their roots the way it was seven years ago (I can't believe it was that long).

    And they need to start by fixing the brand's iconic model, the xB, by changing it back to it's non-bland quirky Japanese styling rebadged bB glory. One of the reasons the xB was a hit from 03-07 (model years 04-06) was that it actually offered something you don't usually see on American streets and offered something funky and uniquely Japanese. That's the reason the 2nd gen didn't sell so well. It was too bland and too "Americanized".

    Scion should stop getting advice and customer input on the xB and should only consider the alternative: the Toyota bB.

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