2012 Alfa Romeo Spider

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This is, of course, just another illustration.

But I think it looks great, with just enough retro touches.
I just hope we’ll get to see any Alfas in the US within the next couple of years.
The Spider would be the perfect model for the brand’s return to the US.
And they should use Dustin Hoffman as their spokesperson…

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  1. I think that the retro touches work better than the modern
    2uettotanta concept that was posted last week. Can't wait till Alpha Romeo is back in the US.

  2. I'm tired of waiting and empty promises of bringing Alfa's to the US. So I don't care.

    Until I see an Alfa dealership here myself, I just… don't care.

  3. I think I've seen this illustration before….at least several years ago. It's quite nice actually. It reminds me of the original Duetto much more than the GTV or Brera based successors.

    I think Alfa-Romeo should aim for mid-30's base to low 40's well equipped. Now that the Z-4 has moved so far up-market, there's a big gulf between a Miata Grand Touring (my drive) and something like a TT, SLK, or Z4 in the small roadster category. If I was in the market to trade in my Miata (I'm not yet), I'd be interested in something perhaps a step up, but I'm not ready to spend close to $50,000 or even $40,000. In the mid-30's my options would be a modestly equipped 128i, Mustang GT, or base 370Z. Nice cars, but not roadsters. The original Spider was an attainable sports car. The new one should be as well.

  4. They can use the existing Mopar dealer network, which we all know is screaming for different product. They just have to know how to sell the stuff 🙁

  5. I think it looks very sexy but i am pretty sure this won't be how it looks. Firstly because Alfa Romeo seems keen to avoid the current bug-eyed look of the MiTo and 147 replacement due to lukewarm reception. Secondly they have launched a contest of sorts, hiring 3 of Italy's most famous design houses to each come up with a concept that will show their interpretation of the new Alfa Romeo look. The look that receives the most positive reception is supposedly going to win.

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