2012 Chevrolet Malibu?

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It sure looks like it…

These are supposed to be patent drawings of the Chevrolet Epica replacement in Europe.
It would make sense that both the Epica and Malibu would become the same car for the next generation.
The square lights in the back do have a Camaro feel to it.
 A nice touch.

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  1. I think your source is wrong Vince, I saw this on CarScoop and it's the Malibu not the Epica. Either way, I like the looks of it.

  2. I went to a blind study on this a year or so ago in the States. It's the Malibu. Looks very nice in person and more upscale than the current one. The angle of the back windows looked odd in person, but they seem to be less angled (more horizontal) in these drawings. One of the center electronics stacks they showed was very advanced and supposedly available on the top of the line model. The direction of GM electronics if this makes it to production is impressive and light years ahead of the Camry and Altima. I drive a Camry hybrid which is why they must have selected me.

  3. Looks a bit upscale in the first two pics, as if it was meant to be competing directly with the sharp looking Ford Taurus.

    I've read something on autoblog that GM actually wants better materials for the Malibu in order to compete with Ford as well.

    Let's hope they deliver that promise, especially with their new and upcoming slogan for their next ad campaign "Excellence for Everyone".

  4. I think that this is more of a mid-nineties Chrysler Cirrus than Sebring. But I also see influences of a 93 Accord and also a 90's Mazda Millenia. I think that if this is the Malibu, the current one is more modern than it's replacement.

  5. Finally they changed the back-end of the thing, the current one looks like it backed up into a wall….

  6. The front looks generic, the side is a little more E-class the D pillar forward, Camaro / Passat out in the rear. Overall, I think it'll look very sexy!!!

  7. Greenhouse reminds me slightly of the 1969 Impala/Bel Air. I have a feeling that unless they don't want the rear door windows to roll all the way down, there will be a C-pillar lodged in. Too bad this won't be a rear-drive chassis (unless AWD is on the way), but this should still be a looker. can only hope for for a Sport/SS/Z-xx variant. Gotta be careful for Europe flirting with the E-segment size-wise.

  8. with the new game changing Sonata now out, GM needs to update the aging Malibu fast if they want to stay in the game much longer…the interior alone looks ancient.

  9. Wow, those taillamps are hideous and look completely out of place.

    It also looks a lot like the C Class, I agree with the above poster. This isn't a unique design at all.

  10. Why are they bothering to patent a design that is a copy of several other designs. Front end- Chevy Uplander, roofline- Mazda Millenia, trunk, Chrysler Cirrus. The only thing contemporary about it is the rear bumper copied from the current Accord.

  11. The current Malibu is one of the best looking mainstream sedans on the road today. It leapfrogged the previous Malibu and the Camry in style and performance. The one major flaw… no real nav system. WTF? If the next one is even better, then I'm expecting good things to happen for GM.

  12. If they want to make it wilder in the Sonata sense, they can always take in-house cues from the Spark!

  13. I like the tail lamps…very distinctive. The side profile (as noted) looks very C class.

    I need to see the entire package…however if they nail it – this could be a threat to the current Fusion / Accord / Camary.

    BTW – saw a concept of the next Camary on another site…Toyota just doesn't get it…

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