2012 Lexus IS Wagon

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The next generation IS will again get a wagon version.

I really liked the SportCross version of the previous generation. I guess Lexus does think “wagons are back”, sort of.
Or at least, they might be in a couple of years.
it would also help the IS in Europe where wagons have always been a popular choice.
These pictures don’t show us much. But they do prove the existence of a wagon for the next generation.
There are also rumors about the next IS to offer Hybrid only engines. At least in the US.

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  1. Looks a little dumpy for a car trying to compete with Cadillac CTS. Sure this isn't a Corolla replacement?

  2. A "stalwart" is a company that's been around for years; like Mercedes, or Cadillac. Lexus is more correctly called a "newbe" in the world of Traditional Luxury Marks. Like Geely or Genesis.

  3. Yet the 'newbe' has seemingly accomplished more in the same space of time as the gaudy Cadillac. Perhaps GM can offer up a proper luxury flagship and appealing dealership network this side of 2015.

  4. I guess Lexus hasnt done that bad reallysince they have only been around 20 years or so compared to the other luxury brands which have been around 80-100 years at a gyess.

  5. How do you know this is a Lexus? The front grille and rear tails have no Lexus design cues at all. It looks more like some generic Toyota wagon.

    By the way, you need to have more posts like these! Not reviews or random press releases, but REAL scoops such as these. This is what makes this blog special!

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