2012 VW Beetle

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Just an illustration of what it could look like when it appears a year from now.

I always liked the Beetle, old and new, so I can’t wait for this one.
I just hope they use something a bit more efficient than the current 2.5 Liter in the US model.
It is a very smooth engine, but gas mileage isn’t great.
The car is supposed to ride on the next Jetta platform, with a longer wheelbase.

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  1. Not doing it for me…it just looks like a facelift. They should reinterpret the original Beetle once again and arrive at something fresh. While they're at it, make it reliable.

  2. I read somewhere quote VW saying it will not go to have a round headlight anymore(??); the front windshield is more upright so no more long dashboard; and the back almost Porsche like. Engine sadly will be 2.5L to begin with but will get the 2.0T and the new 1.4T which make 140hp.

  3. A symbol of European hypocrisy since 1935.

    I can't believe this car, as well as the VW brand, still exists to this very day despite its origins.

  4. I owned two of the original volkswagen bugs, a 1961 and a 1970. I enjoyed owning and driving them. Millions of other people enjoyed them too. That is why they still exist today. There just might be another Beetle in my future, depending on what it looks like. I had the one depicted in this recent picture. I will wait and see.

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