Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept

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Pretty much showing us an idea of what the next Spider could look like.

We’ll see…
This gorgeous design from Pininfarina is, so far, strictly a concept.
It would be nice if the production car ended up looking half as good as this.
And what a great car this would be for Alfa’s return to the US….

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  1. Nice update of Pininfarina's own design of the Honda S2000 concept back in 1999. That version also had the lights below the bumper. Of course they will have to add the required safety features of standard headlights and taillights.
    Could it be sold in the U.S. under a Chrysler showroom?
    P.S. thank you Vince….

  2. This is one of the nicest concepts I've seen in a long time. Perhaps Pininfarina is back…..because I'm not impressed with their work on recent Ferrari's.

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